Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Andrew McCarthy is right - just as I was in April 2006

I thoroughly enjoy NRO's Andrew McCarthy's analysis of global political issues. I think it is because we are both lawyers and think alike - with logic and reason dictating the policy result, not reaching our preferred policy result first, then thinking up psuedo-logical arguments to back it up.

I am in total agreement with his latest article. It is basically the same as what I argued back in April 2006.

We are not taking the war on terror seriously. We are not treating it as a war. Moreover, this war is in a time unlike Vietnam and Korea where we risked involving the Soviets or ChiComs if we fought those wars seriously. However, even though there is no other superpower to offend or involve, we are waging war under rules of engagement developed and implemented under the old paradigm.

To paraphase Pluto from Animal House, "Syria?!? Dead! Hezbolla?!? Dead! Iran?!? Dead!" We should take our Iraq troops and use them for what they are good at. If we were serious, we would invade and topple the governments of both Syria and Iran - indeed, we would have done this years ago as we have known all along that these nations are harboring and materially assisting terrorists (that's putting it too mildly - they are deliberately creating terrorists).

We even have an excuse to act now even though we've been sitting on our hands for so long. We recently caught Iran red handed shipping weapons to the Iraqi insurgency.

Invade Iran. Kill the Mullahs. Invade Syria. Kill the Ba'athists. They are at war with us. We should act like we are at war with them.