Monday, January 08, 2007

Ohio State didn't belong in a BCS bowl game

If you check my profile, you'll notice that I went to Notre Dame Law School. I am also a huge college football fan. I never missed a home game in my 3 years at South Bend and I try to get back once a year for a game and to see friends.

I also know that Notre Dame is slightly overrated in football. But only slightly. There are enough Notre Dame haters out there to balance any otherwise skewed polls. So Notre Dame's ranking of 11 was about right. They qualified for a BCS bowl game (with 10 spots this year) and they were chosen.

Then, everyone goes nuts when Notre Dame gets soundly beaten 41-14 by LSU , a team ranked 4. "Notre Dame never should have been there" cry the haters. Baloney. LSU was a better team in the best conference in the country this year. How do I know the SEC was the best conference?

Florida 41, Ohio State 14.

Oh, how we Notre Dame fans (and any other mid-west football fans) have to put up with Ohio State - a classless program with classless fans. We played Ohio State twice when I was at Notre Dame. They had by far the rudest, most obnoxious, unsportsmanlike fans. (Now Nebraska on the other hand, has the best fans outside of Notre Dame's.)

From this final score, identical to Notre Dame's shellacking at the hands of the SEC's second best team, it is obvious that Ohio State did not belong in the BCS title game. Ohio State beat no one good this year. Texas? Big whoop. They stunk down the stretch in a conference whose winner got beat by Boise State. Michigan? Got whooped by the same USC team that lost to Oregon State and UCLA. The Big Ten was terrible. If it wasn't, then you have to give Notre Dame brownie points for pummelling Penn State (which won its bown game).

If Notre Dame didn't belong, then neither did Ohio State. C'mon Notre Dame haters, admit it!