Thursday, August 26, 2010

Islam, the Ground Zero Mosque, and Multiculturalism

I'm generally in agreement with everything Andrew McCarthy has to say about Islam. The basic tenets of Islam are an affront to the Judeo-Christian values of Western Civilization. Our values are better, produce better stuff, greater knowledge of the universe, and happier and healthier people. And fewer violently killed people.

It is only because of the dogma of multiculturalism - i.e., the belief that all cultures are equal - has been so force-fed on us that any thinking person does not understand Islam is very bad for non-muslims. This is obviously not true, and anyone who actually lives by significant numbers of people of an inferior foreign culture knows this to be true. People without this experience - those in ethnically and culturally monochrome countries or areas (Scandinavia comes to mind)- are more vulnerable to believing in multiculturalism than those with direct, observational knowledge of its falsity.

Multiculturalism is believed without, or in spite of, evidence because people want to believe it. Wouldn't it be nice if the only true differences between Islam and mainstream U.S. culture was the food we each eat, the clothes we each wear, the wacky ways we each pray, the music and art we like and produce, the languages we speak - you know, culture? Then, when we mingle with muslims, we'll be exposed to new and different "culture" - like going to a French movie or something.

But we differ from Islam in fundamental values in incompatible ways. We believe men and women are socially and politically equal. We believe women who are raped are victims and the rapists should be severely punished, not the other way around. We believe everyone may freely proselytize their religion and we tolerate the decisions of individuals who change or abandon religions. Those who hold different values than these cannot "coexist" in peace with us. It's the "C" part in that stupid "Coexist" bumper sticker that is the problem.

Which brings me to the Ground Zero Mosque. Don't patronize me, lefties. It's a deliberate poke in the eye, a symbol of conquest and victory. A symbol to muslims that the 9/11 terrorists did a GOOD THING and should be praised rather than condemned.

Now, let's analyze that last sentence. Andrew McCarthy's counter-factual is a good place to start. But let's go further. What would Christians around the world be expected to say, and do, if a similar atrocity was committed by a small (allegedly) group of ultra-fundamental, violent "crusaders" against muslims? Now, take whatever it is you believe would be the appropriate reaction of "mainstream" Christians to such an act of terror as 9/11 if committed by Christians in the name of Jesus against muslims (I hope you say something like, "profusely apologize, openly, loudly and often condemn the acts and terrorists, and cooperate fully with muslims looking to track down - within Christian communities - those who assisted the terrorists and those who hold the same sympathies) and ask yourself, are muslims around the world saying and doing the same things you would expect of Christians in the same situation?

If you say "yes" then you must believe it would be perfectly appropriate for mainstream Christians - leaders of large congregations - to openly question whether the atrocity was a Jewish conspiracy, or ask what muslims had done to cause such intense hatred by Christians, to call for the murder of any muslim who ridiculed Jesus in a cartoon, etc. Now imagine if a full 10% of the Christian community did not condemn the terrorist acts, but openly lauded them and called for more.

Back to "mainstream" Islam. No, muslims around the world are not acting the way we would expect Christians to act if a 9/11-type terror attack was committed by Christians lauding Jesus against muslims. Are the "vast majority" of muslims peace-loving people without a jihadi bone in their bodies? Not a relevant question. The relevant question is - in this war we are fighting against the 10% radical jihadi strain of muslims, which side are the other 90% of muslims on, ours or the jihadis? Put another way, when it comes down to real action and real decisions - up to and including taking up arms - which side will the majority of muslims be on?