Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hillary for Prison!

This is from a recent Congressional hearing with Trey Gowdy asking FBI Director Comey why he did not recommend indicting Hillary:

Comey:  “I think we’d have to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt a general awareness of the unlawfulness of your conduct; you knew you were doing something you shouldn’t do.”

Gowdy:  “The way to prove that is whether or not someone took steps to conceal or destroy what they’ve done.  That is the best evidence you have that they knew it was wrong – that they lied about it.”

Comey:  “It’s awfully…it’s very good evidence.  I’ll always want to look at what the subject said about their conduct.”

Now, you have to be a complete moron not to believe that Hillary knew what she was doing was illegal.  Or, alternatively, you must believe that Hillary is a complete moron who somehow served as a U.S. Senator for eight years and was approved by the same Senate as Secretary of State without knowing basic classified information and e-security protocols, let alone laws on simply maintaining government records.

Under the relevant statutes, she didn't even have to know for sure she was breaking the law, she just had to have a "general awareness of the unlawfulness of [her] conduct."  Given the evidence, Hillary's "general awareness" is utterly certain, easily proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  Comey knows this.  Everyone knows this.

Hillary is guilty as sin.  The system is corrupt through and through.  The elites are no longer bound by the rule of law and they know it.  The whole rotten structure needs gutting.  If Hillary gets to the White House and pays nothing for her felonies, guess what will happen?