Monday, January 14, 2008

Why didn't I think of that? Oh wait, I did!

This past college football season showed again what a joke the BCS is. Nearly everyone thought that the best team - USC (and how it pains me to write that) - was not in the championship game and had no shot at a split championship because its Rose Bowl opponent was weak Illinios rather than a stronger Georgia (or Oklahoma, or West Virginia).

As a result, we got a 2-loss team as "National Champion" over 1-loss Kansas and a host of other 2-loss teams who could have just as easily beat Ohio State. What to do?


Well, at least the NCAA is "studying" a playoff. "University of Georgia president Michael Adams presented his proposal for an eight-team playoff to the NCAA Division I board of directors Monday in Nashville and they decided to study the issue with others before making any moves," the AP reports today. What was Mr. Adams' thoughtful and brilliant proposal?

"Adams announced his proposal for an eight-team playoff for the Football Bowl Subdivision using the BCS games following years of opposition to a playoff. He unveiled his proposal on Jan. 8, hours after LSU won the BCS national championship game.

"His playoff proposal used the Sugar, Orange, Rose and Fiesta bowls as the opening round, leading to semifinals and a championship game."

Hmm... That plan sounds familiar. I wonder where I heard it before? That's right! From me!

Three years ago!