Tuesday, March 15, 2005

March Madness

Today is the first day of the greatest sporting event in the world, the NCAA basketball tournament. Congratulations to Oakland for defeating Alabama A&M in today's play-in game (I picked Alabama A&M - grrr).

The NCAA basketball tournament mocks all other sporting events with its sheer perfection and, well, madness. Only NFL football comes close, with a single elimination playoff, but the NFL lacks the NCAA tournament's greatest asset - the opportunity for a monumental upset. With 12 teams in the playoffs out of a 30 team league, itself an elite parity-driven league, every team in the NFL playoffs thinks it has a legitimate shot to win the Super Bowl.

Only in the NCAA tournament do we get Coppin State beating South Carolina, Princeton narrowly losing to Georgetown and Hampton beating Iowa State. Indiana (the state) made a huge mistake when it went to divisions for its state high school basketball championship (whiny liberal - "but everyone deserves a trophy").

The biggest recipient of the NCAA tournament's mockery is NCAA football. I should say, Division 1A NCAA football. The NFL has a playoff, every other NCAA division has a playoff, heck even the Arena League has a playoff, why not NCAA div. 1A?

And the answer is so easy. Make an 8 team playoff with the teams in the four major bowls! Each bowl would be the first round. That means a mere 3 more games (2 semis and 1 final). Each major bowl would therefore be hugely important, rather than the 1 national championship bowl and the three meaningless bowls. Every bowl's viewership and attendance would skyrocket.

Why are they so stupid?

Anyway, rant over. Illinois will win it all. You heard it here.


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