Thursday, July 18, 2013

The LA Times is right. The Zimmerman verdict should be a wake-up call to the black community.

Just not how the LA Times, or NAACP, understand it.  And that is the problem.  (Necessary caveat: when I refer to "blacks" or the "black community" I am obviously not referring to all blacks; rather, I am using the term in the same sense as Martin Luther King III is in his speech to the NAACP.)

The black community needs to learn they cannot act like thug gangstas without consequences.  Black parents need to learn they must do something to prevent their children from embracing the thug/gangsta lifestyle of drugs and violence, starting with having children only after getting married and then staying married to raise them.  

The black community needs to learn that when a child is given multiple school suspensions for violence and burglary, that child needs to be carefully watched and disciplined   Black parents need to learn that, when a "troubled" youth like Trayvon moves to a new neighborhood because of multiple school suspensions, they should alert the neighbors to his presence and specifically ask the neighbors to watch him and report back to his parents if they see Trayvon misbehaving.  

Trayvon's parents should then have told Trayvon they asked for their neighbors' help keeping Trayvon out of trouble.  This is how CIVILIZED people and communities behave.  It is entirely Trayvon and his parents' fault that this incident occurred.  The black community needs to realize this if future incidents are to be avoided.

Black "leaders" are telling the "black community" the exact wrong lesson to be learned from this incident, and that is a shame.  It is also intentional, because those black "leaders" have a financial incentive to make their community believe nothing is their fault, but is solely the fault of white racism, for which they must give money and power to black "leaders" to combat.


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