Thursday, July 11, 2013

The true facts about the George Zimmerman trial

For those following the George Zimmerman trial, now that the evidence is in (though in some cases, improperly excluded) here is what happened:

After smoking weed with his friends, Trayvon left his father’s girlfriend’s home (where Trayvon was staying only because his mother kicked him out of her home for getting into too many fights) to walk to the store in the rain to buy the ingredients for the drug cocktail “Lean,” which is made by mixing Robitussin DM with the two items Trayvon had purchased, Arizona Watermelon fruit juice cocktail (not iced tea as falsely reported by most media) and Skittles. Trayvon’s facebook postings demonstrate his prior use of, and knowledge of how to make “Lean.”

On his way back to his father’s girlfriend’s house, Trayvon began casing this new neighborhood (he had only been there for 10 days) still in the rain. George Zimmerman was in his car getting ready to leave to the store (not on neighborhood watch patrol) when he noticed Trayvon acting suspiciously. Zimmerman knew of at least two recent burglaries in his neighborhood committed by black male youths, including a harrowing break in at the home of Olivia Bertalan, who was home alone with her baby when two black male teenagers broke into her home and stole her camera and laptop. It was this episode that led Zimmerman to form a Neighborhood Watch Program and receive training by local police.

While in his car, Zimmerman called the non-emergency number for the police, as he’d been trained to do, to report on Trayvon’s suspicious behavior. Trayvon saw Zimmerman in the car on the phone and circled the car menacingly, then abruptly ran away. Zimmerman reported this to the police, “Shit, he’s running.” The police dispatcher then asked Zimmerman, “He’s running? Which way is he running?” Then Zimmerman got out of his car, followed Trayvon for a bit in order to answer the police dispatcher’s question. Then the dispatcher asked Zimmerman, “Are you following him?” Zimmerman said “Yeah.” The dispatcher then said “OK, we don’t need you to do that.” Zimmerman then said “OK” and STOPS FOLLOWING TRAYVON.

In the meantime, Trayvon told Rachel Jeanteal over his cell phone that he’s being followed by a “creepy-ass cracker.”

The police dispatcher next asked for Zimmerman’s exact location so he can meet the police, who were on their way. Zimmerman wandered around looking for a street sign then heads back to his car. As Zimmerman was walking back to his car, Trayvon jumped out in front of Zimmerman, and said “You got a problem?” Zimmerman said no. Trayvon then said, “You do now” and cold cocked Zimmerman in the nose, breaking his nose and knocking him down. Trayvon then jumped on top of Zimmerman and began smashing Zimmerman’s head repeatedly into the concrete path. For about 40 seconds, Zimmerman yelled for help. Several people heard Zimmerman’s screams, and some called 911.

While Trayvon was raining down blows on Zimmerman’s head, Zimmerman’s jacket rode up revealing his concealed carry pistol, properly holstered and properly loaded in compliance with all laws and training. Trayvon saw the gun and told Zimmerman, “you’re gonna die tonight motherfucker.” Trayvon reached for the gun, but Zimmerman pulled it out first and shot Trayvon in his chest, center mass, as he was trained to do. The bullet pierced Trayvon’s heart and he died within minutes. The police arrived momentarily. Zimmerman readily admitted he shot Trayvon, raised his hands above his head and told the police where his gun was holstered on his body. Zimmerman was handcuffed and taken to the police station where he spent several hours fully cooperating with the police. All police officers who testified said that 100% of the evidence was 100% consistent with Zimmerman’s story. When a police investigator (falsely) told Zimmerman there is a videotape of the whole incident, Zimmerman says “Thank God.” The police released Zimmerman with no charges filed.


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