Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Narrative Collapse" is the point

Though there have been many instances of “narrative collapse” in the last few months, I haven’t seen anyone express the truly cynical view for the cause of these instances. 

The charitable explanation is that our leftist overlords are just stupid, and too wishful to excoriate the Great White Defendant, for doing things the “narrative” says are common, but in reality hardly ever occur.  Accordingly, because they believe the “narrative,” they are too gullible to doubt or even casually investigate the initial reports by “victims” or bystanders who proclaim some “crime” that fits the “narrative.” 

This is becoming too common in my view to be chalked up to stupidity – or at least the stupidity of the Cathedral.  No, it is much more sinister.  I believe these “narrative collapse” incidents are manufactured precisely because those pushing the initial story know the facts will not match the initial reports. 

This makes sense when you understand the people for whom these “narrative collapse” events are manufactured are not the public at large, but the various "victim" groups under the Democrat/leftist umbrella.  Those groups – made up of gullible people who are fundamentalist believers of the “narrative” – will religiously believe the initial reports because they believe the “narrative” and will not believe the true facts when they come out, no matter how overwhelming the evidence.  Thus, when “the system” fails to convict or punish the accused, this will prove (to the gullible/fundamentalist "victim" groups) the “system” is broken and in need of radical change.  This is the true goal.

The hive-mind media is still run by a few elites at the top that can kill – or manufacture – any story they wish.  These elites count on the gullibility of their on-the-street (or more accurately, either “drive-by” or staring at a computer screen) foot-soldier media to believe and push a story the elites know will ultimately be proven false.  The elites only push stories that will eventually result in “narrative collapse” because if they pushed a true story that fit the narrative, the “system” would likely result in a conviction and justice.  That would be worse for the “narrative.”

In other words, if a story came out of a racist white cop killing an unarmed black man with his arms up saying “don’t shoot” and that cop was tried and convicted by the system, the “system” obviously isn't broken and is in no need of change.  Whites in general will be shown to disapprove of this behavior and capable of punishing the wrongdoer.  Thus, the behavior of this one racist white cop, who was appropriately punished by the "system," will not advance the “narrative” that all whites are secretly racists, plotting the oppression of the “other.”  Democrat "victim" groups might question the "narrative" that all whites are racists and the "system" is a construct to perpetuate "white privilege."

But if the “system” fails to punish the allegedly racist white cop, who is obviously guilty based on the initial reports that the Democrats’ "victim" groups believe without question, only then does the incident become proof of the “narrative” and keep those deliberately enstupidated Democrat voters on the plantation.


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