Friday, February 04, 2005

A real victory for the Pro-Life movement

Cow fetuses are all fine and good, but this case pretty much encapsulates the absurdity of Roe v. Wade:

PEOPLE v. VALDEZ, No C036614 (Cal. 3d App. Dist. February 04, 2005) Defendants' murder conviction is affirmed over their claim that California's murder statute does not apply to the killing of a fetus that, even absent criminal intervention, would not have survived until birth due to a fatal physical or medical condition.

You can view the opinion here. If mommy kills an unborn baby, it's a lifestyle choice. If mommy kills her born baby, it's murder. If anyone else kills a baby, born or unborn, it's murder.

I am pro-life for two primary reasons: (1) there is no principled distinction between a fetus and a newborn baby as far as human rights are concerned, and (2) a baby is way more of a burden on one's lifestle once born and if you don't want the burden there is a huge adoption waiting list. In the face of these two indisputable points, no pro-choice argument works.


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