Sunday, May 01, 2005

Not until you see the irony!

I don't normally watch the talking head Sunday morning shows, but I was up a bit early this morning with my daughter and I caught a bit of Fox News Sunday. They were talking about changing Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster for judicial nominations and the particular angle being debated was how each side could (or should) spin a rule change.

I've vaguely heard the name Juan Williams before. He was on the show arguing the Dem's position and his talking point was that the public would view a rules change as unfair because "you can't change the rules in the sixth inning of a baseball game."

[Pause until that sinks in.]

[Do you see the irony yet?]


Ok, if you still don't see the irony here it is. The entire reason Juan Williams and his ilk oppose such fine judicial nominees as Janice Rogers Brown and Pricilla Owen is precisely because they don't change the rules of the game in the metaphorical "sixth inning" of the Constitution. Rather, Juan Williams would much rather see judges appointed who routinely change the rules in the sixth inning to ensure the judge's own personally desired outcome.

Yet, as a talking point, Mr. Williams claims it is unfair to change the Senate's rules halfway through, even through the Senate is a legislative body that can Constitutionally change its rules any time it wants, while the Constitution can only be changed by amendment and the super-majority process of Article V.

Democrats and liberals are simply not serious people. [Extra points for spotting the reference of the title.]


Blogger So Cal Lawyer said...

You would have been better off watching Sesame Street. Much better life lessons to impart on the daughter.

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