Thursday, July 28, 2005

Xrlq - Go wish his family well

If for some bizzare reason you read this website and not Xrlq, go over there and read this post about the recent untimely death of Xrlq's father in law, and then, by all means, read the story he links to. An excerpt:

"What're you guys doin' here?" a gruff voice bellowed. Two policemen got out and sauntered up to us. The fat one, with three gold stripes on the sleeve of his blue uniform and a large brass badge at the front of his peaked cap, was plainly accustomed to command. "Who're you guys anyhow?" he demanded.

From the pavement, I gazed up at the cop through the bright beam of his searchlight. "Officer," I said, "you would not believe who we are."

"Well, try me out, sonny," he said sharply, "and you'd better do it damn fast, because I'm about to run you in."

"Okay, sir," I said, savoring the moment, "this is a majority…of the United States Supreme Court."


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