Thursday, October 20, 2005

More on Miers' poor writing from . . .

Professor Bainbridge and Patterico (and the Angry Clam).

This is my blog. It is occasionally proofread (by only me). When writing a post, I use this stupid and feature-less html box that doesn't have spell or grammar check. Yet my posts are much more error free than Miers' responses to the Senate Judiciary Committee's questionnaire. My written work as a lawyer? Forget about it. Error free to the level of paranoia.

Of course, errors still get through, but not nearly the amount, or the kind, that are on display in Miers' response.

The single most important criteria to being a successful lawyer in my office is the ability to write. I litigate. I argue. I have to convince other people that my client is right, or that I'm right on the law. 90% of that is via written briefs. I suppose Miers could simply vote right every time and never write an opinion (or, more accurately, have very bright clerks write her opinions for her). But, again, what a waste of an opportunity to add another forceful voice for conservatism on the Supreme Court.

Update: More from Patterico (quoting a David Brooks op-ed). Lots of lawyers can be very successful without knowing the first thing about practicing law. From what I can discern from her writing, Miers is at best an average lawyer with great political skills. Lawyers make partner at law firms for a variety of reasons, but believe it or not the primary reason is not skill as a lawyer, but rather the ability to bring in business.


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