Wednesday, June 01, 2005

New SEC Chairman Christopher Cox

From my own backyard, Newport Beach, comes the new SEC Chairman, U.S. Representative Christopher Cox. Even though he got held up by Boxer and Feinstein from being nominated a federal judge, the SEC position is too low-profile for any Democrat filibustering.

Anyway, one thing will happen here that will be truly enjoyable to watch. All of Orange County's congressional seats are "safe" - that is, gerrymandered to ensure that one party always wins the seat. Orange County has lots of conservative Republicans and lots of politicians with their eyes on a higher seat. We will soon be deluged with a great sucking sound as these numerous people all vie for this "safe" Republican seat.

Here is my list of potitential candidates:

Todd Spitzer - brother of Eliot from New York, currently a CA assemblyman. A politician on the move in OC. I would be stunned if he didn't run for this seat.

Tom Fuentes - a 20-year long Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party. When he resigned last year, he was the longest serving county chairman in the country in America's most Republican county. Run Tom Run!

Chuck Devore - won a hard-fought assembly seat in Irvine against a liberal Republican backed by Big Money. Dedicated public servant, but just got elected.

Scott Baugh - Curent Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party, former House Republican leader. He'd have to move out of his nice house in Huntington Beach (Dana Rohrabacher's district). Definately the political skills and collections to win if he ran.

Me - Hell, I'm over 25 and I know what I'm doing a hell of a lot better than nearly everyone on Capitol Hill. Don't tell my wife, though.


Blogger nblaw said...

You'd get my vote, but let me suggest Dick Ackerman, your State Senator, as a likely candidate.

3:58 PM  

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