Thursday, October 20, 2005

I can't see Miers getting confirmed

Ok, I took Patterico's suggestion to heart and went here to review all of Harriet Miers' writings - three ABA articles on multijurisdictional practice and a host of "President's Opinions" from the Texas Bar Journal. (You may see four ABA articles, but one is a reprint.)

The ABA articles are actually well-written. Nothing special, but definately passible, literate and informative. I can only assume that, from reading the Texas Bar Journal articles, she had lots of help with the ABA articles. Or maybe the TBJ articles were intended to be vapid, meaningless drivel. Every Bar president's monthly "message" I've seen is vapid, meaningless drivel. Maybe that's all that's allowed.

These writings, along with her response to the Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire, convince me more than ever that Miers does not have the qualities of an acceptable Supreme Court nominee.


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