Friday, December 23, 2005

Two sentences that best sum up the situation in Iraq

I'm fully with John Derbyshire in his assessment that what we're trying to do in Iraq is a heretofore wholly untried third way of dealing with an enemy state. The traditional two tried-and-true methods are (1) complete annihilation, and (2) colonization (or some mixture between the two).

Way number three is most commony described as "nation building." Do you approve? Do you not? Regardless of your position on Iraq - whether it was the right idea at the time, what should we do now regardless of the rightness of the initial decision, etc. - Bush is staying the course. So everyone should ask themselves this question:

"If even a scintilla of your consciousness is hoping that the Iraqi experiment fails, then you, my friend, have taken a turn down a dark hall of the soul. You need to step back and think carefully about what you believe and why. "

This excellent comment was pulled from Patterico's site, made by Joe Miller. Down which hall of the soul have you turned?


Blogger The Future is Now said...

Don't you think the bad guys would have fled Afganistan and moved to Iraq with Saddam?

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