Friday, February 17, 2006

I love it when showboaters fail

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy watching players celebrate victories, touchdowns, home runs, KOs, etc. What I hate is when they celebrate before the play is over. This I cannot stand. I have seen too many instances of a showboater caught from behind to fumble or fall down while drag-stepping, a sure triple end up a single because the batter watched his supposed "shot," slam dunks missed, etc. Were I a sports coach, I would ban all my players from showboating while the play is ongoing. One violation of this rule would mean being cut from the team.

Which is why I am heartened to see this. In the Olympic games, while way out in front, U.S. snowboard-cross racer Lindsey Jacobellis decides to catch a little air and do a rail grab right before the finish line. What happened? She fell. And only won Silver. Ha! Ha!

Showboat on your victory lap - that's what it's for. Never, ever during the game. Not only do you risk losing, but it is disrespectful to your opponents. Miss Jacobellis deserves all the scorn she receives.


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