Thursday, February 02, 2006

My boycott of France is officially over

When France actively sabotaged the U.S.'s war effort in Iraq because it wanted to preserve its lucrative oil contracts with Saddam, I rightfully began boycotting all things French, as did many millions of Americans. Fortunately, since their motivations were so transparent, France's hostility did relatively nothing to prevent the U.S. from deposing Saddam. France and other European countries have been a continual annoyance since then by publicly spouting such nonsense as deposing Saddam was "illegal," as if 18 UN resolutions calling for just that if he failed to comply with his cease-fire agreement after Gulf War I meant nothing.

Apparently, France has had a wake-up call (as perhaps have Germany and Canada in electing conservative governments recently). 40 days of muslim rioting seems to have convinced France that radical islam really is a threat. Hence, after the muslim world erupted in outrage at relatively innocuous pictures and cartoons of Muhammad being printed in Denmark, France and other european countries reprinted the cartoons.

Good for France, Germany, Italy, Spain and all the other publishers who would not be intimidated by radical islamists. When France tried to sabotage our eforts to depose Saddam, that was about money more than anything. Here, the stand is not about money but about standing up to thugs France has now apparently realized need to be stood up to. Don't expect France to send any troops to Iraq any time soon (and, really, would we be better off with French troops?), but for this act of courage and defiance, I'll start drinking French wine again.


Blogger hammerswing75 said...

It is pretty encouraging. I almost got married to a French girl back in the 90s, but started my boycott of French "goods" early.

1:34 PM  

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