Wednesday, June 01, 2005

LA Times writes about teen unemployment, can't figure out why it exists

The LA Times should force its reporters to read Thomas Sowell after writing this article. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows that the minimum wage destroys entry level jobs. California's minimum wage is $6.75 per hour. That's $1.60 more per hour than the Feds require. California is one of 13 states, coincidentally all "blue" (except Alaska) with minimum wage laws higer than the fedeal government requires. Only Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Vermont are dumber than California - i.e., have higer minimum wages. Yet the LA times never picks up on the only reason teen unemployment is a problem - the only reason.


Blogger P.M. Prescott said...

Those working at minimum wage need food stamps to eat, subsidized housing to rent an apartment, have to use taxpayer subsidized public transport systems or if they do have an old clunker to drive can't afford car insurance making the rest of us buy uninsured motorist insurance for our cars. They can't afford health insurance making taxpayers again pay for taxpayer subsidized emergency care and imunizations. Where is Reagan's trickle down?
The minimum wage is not a living wage, and as long as employers aren't required to pay one the taxpayers will continue to subsidize those businesses profits.

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