Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts

Sadly, I was wrong. We'll have to wait until Rehnquist retires, or Ginsburg or Souter, or Stevens dies, to get Justice Brown.

Nothing against John Roberts. I don't know much about him. Will post more later.

Update: Go here for more info on future Justice Roberts. It's like a ping-pong game for me - will he be a Souter or not? I'm leaning more toward not, especially since he appears to be a card-carrying member of the Federalist Society.

Update II: Paul at Powerline says, "trust me, though; Roberts is not at all Souter-like" but - and this is a big "but" - admits in a different post that he has "limited first-hand knowledge" of Judge Roberts.

Update III: More info on Judge Roberts from NRO here and here and from Stuart Buck here. It seems pretty clear that Judge Roberts is a fabulous guy and an excellent lawyer. For a Supreme Court nominee, sadly, neither of these qualities matters much anymore. They should matter, but only because in an ideal world the role of a Supreme Court justice should be clear to all - interpret the law as written with no influence of personal policy preferences. Because the left has abandoned logic, reason, and basically the entire collected wisdom of western civilization in their pursuit of power, a Supreme Court nominee must, first and foremost, be committed to the rule of law and committed to stay committed to the rule of law (I hope you follow that). That is the litmus test beyond which no nominee who fails should pass. Once past, then all the other nicities will come into play. But as yet, I still do not have a firm comfort level that Judge Roberts is and will forever be committed to the rule of law.

That being said, my prediction is that I will reach that comfort level before he is confirmed. An educated guess given a lot of factors (not least of which is that he's from Indiana - Souter, born in Massachusetts). Please check this site regularly throught the process. I will collect, distill and explain all the info on Judge Roberts as it comes out.


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