Friday, July 01, 2005

Justice, then Justice again, then Judge, now Justice Janice Rogers Brown!

Speaking unofficially for the Federalist Society as a whole, and the Orange County, CA chapter in particular, the nominee for Sandra Dee, erm, Day O'Connor's recently-vacated Supreme Court spot should go to newly-confirmed D.C. Circuit Court Judge Janice Rogers Brown. Now is the perfect opportunity for W to nominate Judge Brown (first Justice, as an appellate judge in California, then Justice again on the California Supreme Court, then Judge on the D.C. Circuit) to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Does she meet Arlen Specter's diversity quota for women? Check. The prevailing wisdom among the Republicans is that the Democrats won't filibuster no matter the nominee, or if they do then the nuclear option will be invoked. The best part about the whole thing is, do Democrats seriously think they can demonize a black woman from Jim Crow Alabama who lifted herself up to the highest pinacle of her profession just because they don't like her ideology? The Democrats likely know this, and the Republicans better understand, that middle America pays no attention to Washington except for the big things - like a Supreme Court nominee, and will see the personalities involved as much more important than the ideological principals involved. And the best part of all is that she was one of the compromise 3 in the filibuster deal and was recently confirmed by the majority of the Senate.

With the nuclear option in play, Judge Brown is an easy confirmation.

The whole point of us grass roots activists and Federalist Society members is to get people like Judge Brown nominated to the Supreme Court - strict constructionists who interpret the Constitution according to its original meaning, not their own personal policy preferences or the fashions of the East Coast intelligensia. If W lets us down on this one, I will no longer look past his prolfligate spending and corresponding massive increase in the size and power of the federal government. I will join those at the OC Register's editorial page.


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