Saturday, June 11, 2005

Muslim world's reaction to Koran "abuse" offends my cultural sensibilities

At the risk of having a fatwa placed on my head, please read this article over at Tech Central by Douglas Kern (hat tip: Patterico). The best line, and one which I wish someone from our government had the guts to say, is this:

"If the bad guys have information, I'd do anything short of torture to get it out of them. I'd take to those Korans like Gallagher to watermelons. I'd use rendering plants, pigs in yarmulkes, Vegas strippers, wood-chippers, sumo wrestlers, leather-clad perverts, battery acid, Jesuits -- everything! I'd feed every last Koran in the world to rabid aardvarks if it would save the life of even one of my men. And if that ticks off the 'patriotic Iraqi protestors,' maybe somebody better tell them that in the civilized world, lives are worth more than books."

And then some. As many bloggers have noted, but little if any MSM outlets have, the bad guys have absolutely no respect for our culture or things sacred to us - like the Twin Towers and 3000 innocent lives. By "bad guys" I include the majority of the muslim community, who we all know celebrated in the street or casually reflected that we had it coming. I think this article sums up the attitude of the typical muslim. I have seen absolutely nothing to persuade me otherwise.

Bottom line: It is absolutely silly to "respect" other cultures as equals (in goodness and badness) - as multiculturalists think we should - when those other cultures do not feel the same way about us. The dominant muslim ideology is that their culture is superior to ours, ours is not one to command equal respect from them, and we deserve to die unless and until we convert to islam and Koranic law. The only real difference among those in the dominant muslim ideology is the level of participation.


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