Thursday, June 01, 2006

Occupiers? Quagmire? Not!

The conventional wisdom of the MSM is that the U.S. is "occupying" Iraq, rather than remaining at the request of Iraq's democratically elected government (like we do for countries such as Germany and Japan). The CW is also that Iraq is at best a "quagmire" like Vietnam and at worst a war we have already lost.

Tell me, then, how it is that the Iraqi government can launch its own investigation into the allegations of U.S. Marines killing unarmed civilians in Haditha. Let me repeat that. The Iraqi government is launching its own investigation into alegations of abuse by the "occupying" U.S. military. That doesn't sound like something "occupiers" allow. Nor does that sound like something the Iraqi government could be capable of doing if the entire country is a "quagmire" or has already lost the war to the terrorists.

The AP article I linked to doesn't fit the script. In the MSM's zeal to blame the U.S. for war crimes, and pile on more support for that blame by noting the Iraqi government's own investigation, they inadvertantly disprove the CW they have been peddling so recklessly. The AP article just breezes over the implication that an Iraqi government capable of launching an investigation into allegations of potential war crimes by the "occupying" force disproves the MSM's entire storyline on the Iraqi war.

This is a good thing, though. I have confidence that whatever happened in Haditha, justice will be served because the U.S. is honorable and the Iraqi government appears to be as well. The fact that this AP article just assumes the Iraqi government is legitimate and functioning is a great step forward.


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