Tuesday, March 28, 2006

More on the nonsense of "global warming"

Via Iain Murray at NRO's The Corner, this article debunks the recent "global warming" nonsense being reported in Science. The article is kind of technical, but easy to follow. An example:

"In light of these several real-world observations, it is clear that the recent upswing in glacial activity on Greenland likely has had nothing to do with anthropogenic-induced global warming, as temperatures there have yet to rise either as fast or as high as they did during the great warming of the 1920s, which was clearly a natural phenomenon."

Global warming is a religion, not science.


Blogger Portia said...

It gets even worse when environmentalists call for the elimination of 90% of the earth's population via the ebola virus, all for the sake of saving Mother Earth.

WorldNetDaily broke that one: http://portiarediscovered.mu.nu/archives/166550.php

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